Chores For 3 Year Olds: What Can My Child Do?

The other week, I was upstairs, trying to put the baby to sleep. I heard my son come to the base of the stairs and shout out, “Mommy? You better come down here! We made a mess.” Great. Just great. I just ignored him, because 1) I was still trying…

Messy Mom Keep a Clean House

Decluttering with Kids: 9 Tips to Make It Manageable

A little over a year ago, I started working on the decluttering process. The whole minimalism movement is getting a little cliché now, I know, but all the same, I wanted to reflect on where it’s gotten us. At the start of this journey, I was embarrassed of my house….


The one question you should never ask a formula-feeding mom

When I’m out and about with my children, and it’s time to feed the baby, I make up a bottle. A mom nearby asks, “Why don’t you breastfeed?” It might seem innocent enough on its face, but this question always punches me in the gut. You’ve all heard of the…

Five Things a New Mom Would Love to Hear

I’m currently 11.5 weeks post-partum with my third child in less than three years. As such, I feel like I’m always a “new” mom. Or always pregnant. Or both. Ahem. So I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite things to hear – and some of my least favorite things, as well. I’m…

How to declutter with small children underfoot

Purging is hard. But it gets even harder when you have little kids running around! We’ve had to adapt suggested decluttering methods a little bit to accommodate living with two toddlers. Here’s what we’ve found works for us: 1. Set reasonable goals Know your limits and know when to take a…

Commenting on Your Teen’s Facebook Page

If you have a teenager, I am assuming they have a Facebook account or they will be asking to set one up. Even if you are like me and have had a Facebook account for a few years before your young person asks for one, navigating Facebook as a family…

Your Kids are Wired

To be a parent is to live in a constant cacophony of emotion. The intense joy and fierce protectiveness when you hold your newborn. The exasperation of managing a toddler. The hopefulness as your little boy hits his first single. The inner pain as she shows you her bloody knee….

How to make your next move less stressful

Moving is a jumble of conflicting emotions. One minute you’re excited, the next you’re fighting back waves of apprehension. Chances are your kids will be feeling the same way. Moms can minimize disruption on move day and keep your family stress-free with these tips. Moving is all about logistics. That…

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