Sugar and Mental Health

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If you’ve known me for any length of time, you know that I am really fond of green smoothies and my Vitamix. My diet gets crunchier each year, it seems. And it turns out that my instincts in this direction are correct, because there’s a huge link between sugar and depression in current research. My doctor is advising me to steer clear of sugar, gluten, dairy, and processed foods.

This was a perfect time for me to become a Learning Ambassador for the new master classes from and Hello Flo. These classes address a number of health topics, but the one I was most interested in was Balancing Sugar in Your Diet. (I receive a commission from classes purchased through this link, but I would never sell something I didn’t believe in 100%.)

Check out my post today on, talking about my personal experience modifying my diet in pursuit of better mental health.


Today, I’m at Good Housekeeping

I’m so excited to tell you that I’m back at Good Housekeeping today!

Today’s article is about postpartum depression; specifically, the role Mark played in identifying my postpartum depression. We were in an unusual situation because we actually talked about the likelihood of PPD before the twins were born, and it was still difficult for us. Telling your spouse she needs help can’t be an easy thing to do, but I’m profoundly grateful to Mark for stepping up to the plate and doing it anyway.

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GH PPD graphic

Today, I’m at Good Housekeeping

This weekend marked the sixth anniversary of my father’s death, and this year I honored his memory by writing.

The result is a post that is now up at Good Housekeeping.

“I was not the first person in that hospital to lean over a bed and pray for the loved one in it to die, to be released from the prison of a broken body.”

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Today, I’m at BonBon Break

Today, I have a piece featured on BonBon Break. BonBon Break is a multifaceted online magazine for modern moms. I’m honored to be a part of it and truly can’t think of a better place to be talking about today’s topic:

Re-Entry: Life After Depression.

Re-Entry on BonBonBreak