Winston-Salem Children’s Museum Hosts Beauty, Fun & Active Play

Take a sneak peek at some of the beautiful details and activities found in Jack’s Beanstalk & the Enchanted Forest at the Children’s Museum of Winston Salem, NC.

The Children’s Museum of Winston Salem, North Carolina has a wide variety of unusual architectural details and colorful artwork that compliment the themes of the various rooms. With fun learning centers and lots of hands-on activities, the surrounding details lend themselves to educational opportunities or just pure enjoyment of the artwork.

Climb Jack’s Beanstalk to the Second Story at Winston’s Children’s Museum

Although children entering the Children’s Museum in Winston tend to be immediately drawn to the beanstalk and many find great pleasure in climbing up the leaves to the second floor. Caregivers can appreciate the details of the structure with its curved and carpeted leaves encased in a large safety net. The beanstalk even hosts hanging beans to give it a more authentic look with a huge rocking chair that can easily hold a family of five at the base of the beanstalk.

Jack’s beanstalk is conveniently located right beside a gently turning staircase so that smaller kids can climb the stairs if they are not quite ready to tackle the trip up the beanstalk. Adults may wish to climb the stairs, or more daring ones may find themselves climbing right among the leaves that lead to the second floor. An elevator is also available for those who wish to ride to the top level of the museum.

Enchanted Forest Offers Nursery Rhymed Hands-on Play at Children’s Museum of Winston

After exiting the beanstalk, a nursery rhyme-themed Enchanted Forest awaits rather than an angry giant! Before entering the forest, children and adults can enjoy the beautiful architectural mastery of large faces carved into the wood flanking the entrance. The Enchanted Forest seems like a nursery rhyme come to life with hands-on activities at every turn, such as a cow to milk, a wishing well with a bucket and pulley, and a large castle-type puppet stage with puppets.

Kids who love to climb steps will surely want to travel over Billy Goat Gruff’s bridge complete with music makers at the top and a hidden passageway below. Look up to see a huge sun hiding the light on the ceiling. Hand-painted walls seem to blend right into the stream running beneath a large boat complete with oars and life jackets. Kids can try their hands at weaving strips of material on a huge frame or they may want to plant a few flowers in the window boxes.

Children who love baby dolls, teddy bears, and beds may have a hard time deciding where to go. One room has lots of pillows, lullabies, and baby dolls that can be tucked into large acorn-shaped beds. Another room on the far side hosts three beds complete with three bears. Grown-ups will have to use the front door, but perhaps kids and a little girl with golden hair might use the hidden passageway.

Adults May Notice Heritage and Adult-Friendly Areas of Children’s Museum in Winston-Salem

Located near Old Salem, the heritage of the area is present in some of the details with old-style dishes and lights that glimmer through holes in the metal fixtures. Children may enjoy serving a meal in the kitchen or checking out the old cast iron bathtub. A large hollow tree trunk lies on its side while another stands upright for kids who like to play peek-a-boo or hide-and-seek.

Adults will enjoy the spacious area in which adults can walk into the various rooms of the enchanted forest without squeezing into tiny spaces. Those who need a break can rest on a beautifully hand-painted bench or chairs in the various themed rooms. Books tantalize from every direction for kids who enjoy a good story in between play.

Children’s Museum of Winston-Salem Offers Colorful Fun for All Ages

The Children’s Museum of Winston-Salem, North Carolina abounds with colorful details at every turn. With a focus on hands-on fun and safety, this children’s museum encourages activity and imagination amidst the array of themes and activity. Groups with children of various ages will appreciate the variety of activities that appeal to children of different ages and abilities so that the kids can all play in one area.


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