In Home Daycare Advertising Ideas

Marketing Techniques for a Home-Based Childcare Program

These simple daycare advertising strategies help a home-based childcare program reach new potential clients to increase enrollment.

An in-home childcare program provides a means to earn extra income from home, making it an appealing option for many stay-at-home parents. The home business idea works well for stay-at-home parents because they can still enjoy their own children while earning money at home. The key to a successful daycare home business is attracting and keeping clients. Daycare advertising strategies help get the word out about the childcare program.

Legal Issues for a Home Childcare Program

Before an in-home daycare program is promoted within the community, it needs to meet the legal requirements. Each state sets its own requirements for in home childcare programs. Marketing a childcare program that doesn’t meet the laws may result in fines or other legal problems.

Check with the state Department of Human Services or a similar organization to find out the regulations for in-home childcare programs. The state may require registration or license for the home-based daycare. The laws might require particular training, food restrictions or specific facility requirements.

Word-of-Mouth Daycare Advertising

Everyone loves to share the latest product or service that they love. People are also quick to spread bad reviews after a negative experience. Word-of-mouth advertising is a big consideration for in home childcare programs. It is free and very effective. Parents entrust the childcare provider with the welfare of their children so they want someone they can trust.

Providing high-quality childcare is key to starting positive word-of-mouth advertising for the home business. Treat each parent and child with respect. Engage the kids in meaningful, hands-on activities to keep them stimulated during the day. Happy children and parents will spread the word to their other parent friends. To encourage word-of-mouth, offer a small discount for referrals who enroll their children in the home childcare program.

Other Daycare Advertising Ideas

Word-of-mouth isn’t the only option for promoting an in home daycare. A website is a great way to reach parents. In today’s technology-driven society, many people look for websites when seeking service. Many home daycare providers don’t take advantage of this potential marketing opportunity. Creating a simple website puts the home business ahead of others in the area.

Customized window cling for vehicles spreads the word about the childcare service all around town. Contact information on the window sticker is essential. The font should be large and easy to read from a distance. Place one on every family vehicle for the most exposure.

Neighborhood newsletters, church bulletins, and other small-scale publications may offer free or cheap advertising opportunities for a home business such as a childcare service. This also allows the daycare advertising to focus on the immediate area which is more convenient for the parents. Craigslist is another option for free advertising.

Networking with other professionals helps get the word out. A real estate agent might offer the daycare contact information to clients who are new to town. An employment office is an option for parents to re-enter the workforce. They might need referrals for childcare once they begin the new employment. Networking with other childcare providers in other areas of the city is also an option.

Promotional materials aren’t just for big businesses. Pens, note pads, business cards and t-shirts printed with the childcare program contact information are inexpensive and effective. Leave a stack of the business cards in a children’s clothing shop or play area. A printed flier on a community bulletin board is another simple promotional idea.

Daycare Promotion Works

Promoting a daycare home business results in increased interest and potential new clients for the home business. With any luck, the daycare advertising ideas will create such an interest that a waiting list is required. Focusing on providing high-quality care and getting the word out with inexpensive methods is key to thriving in-home childcare service.


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