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Freezing Kale

Can You Freeze Kale?

How to Freeze Kale Harvesting kale from the garden in large quantities may leave you wondering what to do with all of it. The solution … Read more

Freezing Ham

Can You Freeze Ham

Freezing Ham Guide Now that the holidays have wrapped up and Easter is only a few months away, many people are curious as to whether … Read more

Air Fryer review

You need this Air Fryer (Review)

I’m lucky. My husband ‘gets’ me. Like, really ‘gets’ me. He knows that I am a sucker for “techno-cooking”, using new and sometimes strange appliances … Read more

Stop reading labels and start reading ingredients

All week I’ve been seeing stories about Walmart-style food reform and food manufacturers’ self-serving nutrition labels, about fake meat, fake blueberries and fake maple syrup. Stories about all the ways the food industry tricks us, and all … Read more