Sustainable Foods With Your Family

As the New Year is in full swing, we become aware of many things regarding our health.  But do you ever take the time to think about your children’s health in the process?  As a mother of two, I do watch what my children eat, but never do I take the time to really tweak their food they ingest.  Everyday, we parents make sure the kids get their dairy, fruits, vegetables, grains, etc., but do you think about how long it will fill their little stomachs?

Who wants a child constantly asking for food all day long?  When my children have their growth spurts, the refrigerator and pantry doors are in full swing for a few days.  And I have girls!  You parents with boys, especially teen boys, know full well how they can drain your supplies in a day or two!  So, I’ve done a bit of research on the foods, we (and the kids) are eating.  I have learned this past year, that sustainable foods really make a difference, not just for a “full feeling”, but overall health benefits.  Ever make pancakes from scratch versus, grabbing the prepared box variety?  I tested this theory out, and it never fails, the kids are full for a LONG time.  Me too!  Our “quick” foods do not sustain, and then we end up eating more calories in the end.  How healthy is that??  Not so.

To understand more about sustainable foods, check out this group known as Sustainable Table.  They can provide you with a laundry list as to why we should eat like this, as well as how.  It does take discipline, and time, but I promise you, this will change some aspects of how you eat, going forward.

One simple rule:  Make food from scratch.  That is a great place to start.  Once this practice is taken on, then I encourage you to dive into WHERE the foods are coming from.

Where can you buy the foods?  Local farmer’s markets are always the best option, but in the winter, that can be tricky.  Careful planning will help.  Earthfare and Trader Joe’s are good options too, and checking the packaging is a must do when you go to big stores.   Other methods are to go to the farm directly.   Buying direct can actually save you money, if you plan for buying in bulk.  My husband and I are looking for some local farms that raise their animals with principles that matter to us.  Greatful Growers in Lincoln, has purchasing options available.  But that is just one of the several farms around.

  • For a full list of farms, check out Eat Wild.
Snacking… Here is the mother of all topics!  What can you feed the kids that will satisfy?
  1. Ants on a Log – mix it up with dried cranberries for a change
  2. Homemade Energy Bites!
  3. Yogurt, Granola and Berries
  4. Homemade smoothies (add some protein powder into the shake for those teen boys!)
  5. Trail mix varieties like ReCharge!  They have great mixes to change it up.

A little prep work will help you get you through the daily snack battles.

I hope this will get you started on your journey into the sustainable world of eating!  I am finding it a much better way to go, and a lot less unnecessary eating takes place.  Score in my book!   We Moms love taking care of the family, but sometimes we feel like our kitchen is where our bed is also located.  Our main living quarters.  This will help alleviate some of that if you take the steps!

If you and your family already create sustainable meals, I’d love for you to send us your recipes or post them here!  Share the wealth, as they say!


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