Video Games can add a lot to your family gatherings – who knew?

Five ways games can make your holiday gatherings more exciting.

Whatever holiday you’re celebrating, or even if you’re just looking for any reason to get together with friends or family, having fun things to do can be the difference between a night to remember and looking at the clock, wondering how quickly you can make an exit.

While time-tested activities like board games or card games never go out of style, introducing video games – particularly social gaming – to your event can make any activity a blast. Here are three reasons why these types of games are perfect for gatherings.

1. Make your house the go-to place

Whether you’d rather host family gatherings for the holidays or make your house the place where your kids and their friends hang out, the right kind of games and gaming systems can make your house the spot where everyone wants to come.

2. Games can introduce new skills

Video games used to be an activity that one or two people played with a small controller while the rest of the group stood around and watched. Now, however, social gaming has made playing video games a group activity that can teach new skills

The game “Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock” offers players a full band experience with its band-in-a-box that offers a newly designed guitar controller, drums, and a microphone. Plus, older guitars will also work to get more people involved in the action. The game features more than 90 songs on the tracklist and a host of all-new gameplay features that offer one of the most immersive music videogame experiences available.

Another musical experience is “DJ Hero 2” which comes with two turntables and a microphone to pit DJ against DJ in unique Battle Mixes. Invite vocalists into the spotlight with scoring based on pitch and range detection and bring the party to life with jump-in/jump-out Party Play gameplay. Featuring the biggest dance, pop, and hip-hop hits by the hottest artists remixed by world-class DJs, the game’s soundtrack delivers 83 unique mash-ups only available in the game.

3. Games can be replayed often

Unlike some games, you can play many of these games over and over without losing interest. You can play different roles or characters in many of these types of games, which helps keep the games fresh for longer periods of time.

4. Games work for the mind …

For both parents and kids, DJ Hero 2 and Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock can be introductions to great music that you might not otherwise have the opportunity to hear. Plus, any questionable lyrics have been cleaned up to make them friendly for younger audiences – although both are rated T for Teen by the Entertainment Safety Rating Board.

5. … and body

Where some games can keep you rooted the couch, DJ Hero 2 and Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock get you moving and active while you play the instruments. If you’re a spectator waiting your turn, the game can serve as the soundtrack for a great dance party.


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