A Romantic Dinner Date At Home

Almost all of us have good memories of turning up at a gourmet restaurant or heading off to some nearby romantic getaway to celebrate a festive few days. Well, the current economic recession affects many of us and it may happen that this year you do not have the same options open. But that doesn’t mean that you should deprive yourself and your significant other of the enjoyment of a romantic dinner together. Making the most of what you already have, that is to say your own home, can be a great alternative and here are a few tips on how to arrange a romantic dinner there instead:

Start with making the kids have an early dinner and sending them off to watch a movie or to play while you two warm up for your special dinner together. Or if they are only toddlers or just past that age, the best option would be to put them to bed early.

As for cooking your romantic meal, you do not need to make it very complicated. A few frozen mini quiches would do perfectly fine as appetizers. Then a gourmet style soup, garnished with fresh herbs and some sour cream, is the best option for the first course.

Baked chicken or salmon are good choices for the main dish since they can be prepared with the minimum fuss and you have enough time to prepare for other essentials. Just place the marinated material on the baking dish and refrigerate. When time comes, you can just take it out, bake it to your taste and serve it with French bread, mixed greens or wild rice.

You can choose chocolate mouse, chocolate strawberries or cheesecake added with fresh fruit as a dessert dish. Prepare them ahead of time and refrigerate.

As for table preparations, now is the time to bring out and enjoy all those expensive wedding gifts like the best red wine glasses, good china, candles and cloth napkins, the things you are normally scared to set the table with when the kids are around.

Carefully dress up yourself, including hairdo and makeup. The note of appreciation from your spouse will make up for the toil and it will look like you are really out on a date.

When everything is in order, put off the lights and set the candles glowing. Enhance the atmosphere with some soft music that evokes some special and pleasant memory from your past together. Pour your favorite beverage into two champagne flutes and let the romance of the atmosphere seep in. For all you know, you two lovebirds may end up dancing together!

So the need to stay in hardly means that you should miss out on a romantic dinner date. You may even take a special liking to it and arrange these indoor dates more frequently than you originally intended.


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