5 Entertaining Travel Games For Kids in the Car

Taking a vacation means a break away from your busy life, and the same applies to the kids as well. Sure they are not as busy as you, but it still would bring them great relief if we considered that way. Going on vacation is also a great way to further strengthen your bond with the child.

Now if you are going to have a car trip, you have something extra to do. If you have kids that are younger, it would really pay to keep them occupied with some games. Of course, you have several other alternatives such as Nintendo DS, portable DVD players and MP3 players, but the total enjoyment that you and your kids will derive from the complete trip would be very memorable.

We mention below five very simple, yet very interesting games to keep you and the kids occupied during the whole journey.


You don’t have to bowl and bat while in the car! You could form a sort of a small team, and the batsman is the person who scores. The point is, you score each time your car passes other cars. But then again, you are out if you pass a truck!

Paper, rock, and scissors

This game involves three symbols, paper, rock and scissors. A scissor is signified with your middle and index finger-shaped. A flat hand signifies a paper, and a closed fit represents a rock. Now, the rock can smother the scissor but can do no harm to the paper. Scissors cut the paper but get it by the rock. Paper smothers the rock but again gets smothered by the rock. The best of the three gets the highest score.

Eagle eyes

This game requires you to spot outside the car that you find listed on a sheet. You also have to count the number of times each of them occurs. The rules require each person to be sitting at one window. The person whose sheet matches the highest number of occurrences wins.

License plate spotter

All the players are each given a piece of paper with all the twenty-six alphabets written on them. Now start by finding a license plate that corresponds to each of the letters. The one who completes the first wins!

The letter game

You can start by using any word, and the other people in the car say a different word, but with only one letter changed. This could be interesting for old kids and very informative for the younger ones.


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