Fabulous 13th Birthday Party Ideas

When you become thirteen, the big deal is the “teen” in the end. You are now a teenager! You have talked to your folks and got them to agree to a party. Is it going to be at home or somewhere else?

There is always ten-pin bowling, ice skating, or a fun-fair if you live near a beach or a beautiful park? You could have a slumber party, indulge in pizza and chocolate. After all, you are only thirteen once! Another idea could be that you and your friends all go and see your favorite singer or band if they are performing anywhere near you at the time.

If is to be at home, will it be traditional or are you going to choose a theme? A traditional party is a rarity these days, with you, your friends and family laughing and having a great time. Decorations could be traditional too, with balloons, paper plates, and cups, streamers, and ribbons.

To be a truly traditional party, all the food should be home-made as well. Then there are the old party games such as musical chairs or maybe a piñata. For the food, there really is nothing more traditional than hamburgers and hot dogs and cake and ice cream. You never know, you could start a whole new trend going back to a traditional party.


For a theme, you have an endless list such as sports, celebrities, films, pop stars, and TV programs. There is always the theme of the number thirteen, to wish the birthday boy or girl all the luck in the world for the coming years.

If you have decided on the beach, make it a barbecue. You could have a 60’s surfer theme or a Hawaiian theme. If the weather suits and you live near a beautiful park or a scenic area, you could always have a picnic. Make sure to bring coolers that are full of food and drinks and umbrellas for the table to keep the food safe and out of the sun. And don’t forget tablecloths, plates, cutlery, and cups in order to set out the food and drinks.

Preparation and Planning

The key to any good event is in the preparation and planning, so get out a pad and pen to keep with you at all times. Write down anything that comes to mind. Once you have settled on your type of party, get some magazines for ideas or go online. No matter what you need, you’ll be able to find it somewhere. Make sure to do your ordering ahead of time so there will be enough time for things to arrive or be made. Just make sure you write down anything you have ordered when it is due to arrive, how much it cost, and contact numbers for the supplier.


When you are making an invitation list, it is very important that you do this carefully. You do not want to upset or offend someone by forgetting them. This is why I cannot emphasize enough for you to keep a list with you, that way you should have it all covered.


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