Our Students, Our Schools, Our Future

NCGS engages the power of many voices to strengthen our schools, communities, and world. Now is a time when we need to assert our collective voice—educators, parents, students, alumnae, and supporters—to ensure innovative, vibrant, and safe school environments. We must focus on our commitment to educate and empower students with the skills and confidence to make a positive impact on our world.

Deep learning requires that students feel safe and secure. Not just safe to express themselves and their ideas, but safe from threat of physical harm.

Educators play a critical role in empowering students with the tools and informed perspective to become influential contributors to our complex, changing world. We cannot achieve this without an unwavering faith in the security of our classrooms and campuses, and a steadfast imperative to requiring safe learning communities for our students. Furthermore, students cannot reach their full potential and develop into the leaders of tomorrow when faced with today’s reality of school shootings and violence.

As educators, parents, and alumnae, it is vitally important that we work together to inspire the next generation to lead with courage, competence, and empathy. At NCGS, we recognize the strength of our community to empower girls to use their voices to shape the world. Together, we can help build a more equitable and peaceful society by supporting civil discourse, cultivating respect for differences, promoting independent thinking, understanding varying perspectives, and committing to optimal and safe learning environments for our children.


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