Best Sippy Cups for Toddlers

The search for the perfect sippy cup is real and it can take any mom on a wild goose chase. Finding a cup that really is “no-spill” is hard enough, but also finding a cup that is easy for your little one to hold and drink from is another task. From the ten to twenty I have bought, these are my favorites.

Boon Fluid

The Boon Fluid sippy cup is the go-to everyday bottle we use for water. I first saw this sippy cup on the internet and was immediately drawn in. It looks really cool, so of course, I bought a couple of them. When Boon first came out with this cup, they designed it with a hole in the center (like a donut). That one was my favorite, but for some reason, they don’t sell it anywhere anymore. The hole in the center made it really easy for my son to hold on to the bottle. However, hole or not it is still a very easy bottle for little hands to grab.

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This was our first hard spout, so it took a couple of tries to learn how to get the water out, but it didn’t take long, and once he figured it out it was smooth sailing. As for cleaning, this bottle is so simple to clean. It’s just the bottle and the lid, no extras and no little cracks that are hard to reach. The spill factor for this sippy cup is also very good. You can shake it upside down really hard and only then will little drips come out, but your little one holding it upside down won’t result in a leaking bottle.

  • Ease for Baby: 10
  • Cleaning: 10
  • Spill-Proof: 9

Boon Snug

Here is another Boon product that caught my eye for a sippy cup. These little silicone top snuggly attach to any (within reasonable size) cup of your choice. This is good for traveling, only one thing to pack. Also, if you already have an older kid who uses plastic cups, no need to buy more sippy cups to take up space in your cupboards. Just buy these and attach them to the cups you already have. The soft spout makes it pretty easy for little ones to adjust to drinking out of them.

The first time I tried these for my little guy for some reason he didn’t want anything to do with it. I tried again a few days later and he wouldn’t put it down. Cleaning them is very simple too, they are just one piece. As for the spill factor, I haven’t had any issues with the spill yet. They fit very snuggly and don’t drip when held upside down. My son has never tried to rip them off, so I am not sure how easy they could be for a little one to get off. If that happens, that could end in a big spill.

  • Ease for Baby: 9
  • Cleaning: 10
  • Spill-Proof: 9

Re-Play No-Spill Cup

The Re-Play No-Spill Sippy Cup is another cup we love in our house. The Re-Play company itself is great, all their products are made out of recycled HDPE plastic (basically milk jugs)! All plastic selected is cleaned to meet FDA strict purity standards. They have bowls, plates, spoons and forks, and more cups. Now as for the No-Spill Sippy Cup, they really are no spill.

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There is a little rubber suction on the underside of the lid so your little one has to suck to get liquid out resulting in no unnecessary spills or drips around the house. The little rubber suction adds an extra part to your cleaning process, but the overall cleaning process is not difficult or tedious. With the hard spout, these took a couple of tries for my son to understand and get comfortable with, but we now use them every day for milk and haven’t had any problems.

  • Ease for Baby: 8
  • Cleaning: 8
  • Spill-Proof: 10

Joovy Dood

This was the first sippy cup we used, we used Joovy Boob bottles so it just made sense to transition to their Dood slippy cup. They were super easy for my little one to transition from a nipple too. They make hard spout tops, but I only tried the soft spout ones. The handles make it super easy for little ones to be able to grab a hold of and tip back. There are a couple of parts to this bottle that make cleaning a little more work.

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And with the soft spout, we have had some trouble with mold forming in the spouts. Also, the spill factor isn’t the best. My little one will dribble milk around the house if he is holding the cup upside down and of course that’s the only way he likes running around with it. And if he has it in his car seat with him and places it upside down it will leak in his seat. Overall, this is a perfect sippy cup for younger babies transitioning from a nipple/bottle to learning how to hold a cup themselves.

  • Ease for Baby: 10
  • Cleaning: 7
  • Spill-Proof: 6

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