Mother’s Day: History of “The Brunch”

It’s that beautiful time of year when we get to honor our Mothers (and also to be honored as a Mother!)  I don’t know about you, but my family loves to wish me a Happy Mother’s day by providing me breakfast in bed.  That’s a PERFECT start to my morning!  And one that also works for me due to the fact that I’m an early riser; I’m hungry at 6:30am!  But, some years we go out do to the big brunch at area restaurants with the entire family and while it’s more hectic, it’s wonderful family time together.

I was interested in the history of brunch, such as, when did the idea of a big breakfast/lunch come into play?  And where did it originate?  Who thought of putting two meals together like this?  Crazy questions started surfacing the more I thought about it.  So, rather than bore you to tears with a Wikipedia version, I pulled up some other locations and their history on “The Brunch.”

 According to the food historians, brunch is a turn of the 19th/20th century tradition originating in Britain. It is generally founded on the same principles of leisured privilege. That may explain the American popular tradition of Mother’s day brunch . What better way to show mom how much she means to the family than by elevating her status to this elite level? It’s as much about the food as it is about the time it takes to enjoy the meal. ~My Sunday Brunch

So true, we Moms LOVE to be pampered!

What could be more fun than…morning brunch for the whole family on Mother’s Day? Brunch is a sort of glamourous, leisurely, combination of breakfast and lunch that is more hearty than an ordinary breakfast. In fact, it often includes a dessert too. Start the menu with grapefruit shells filed with icy cold grapefruit sections and with fresh or frozen strawberries. A fluffy omelette with a tomato and ripe olive filling is quite delicious with crisp bacon curls and broiled canned cling peaches… ~”Menus and Recipes,” Philadelphia Tribune, May 8, 1948

That passage made my mouth water…

So, what is your main thing on your plate when you go all out on a brunch for the big day?  Me? I’m an eggs benedict kind of gal.  It’s not something I make at home, so I order it when I’m out!   (I bet you were guessing I’d say the dessert table !)

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