100 Things to do in the Summer – Charlotte

Summer is definitely a time for fun and with the big kids out of school and the weather at it’s nicest we’re always looking for fun things to do in the area. Charlotte has a lot of great places to offer as does your very own home. Here are some of our favorite things to do in the summer. We’d love it if you’d comment and tell us yours too!!

1. Campout in the backyard
2. Library summer reading programs
3. Make a summer craft project
4. Water balloon fight
5. Attend an outdoor summer concert
6. Summer outdoor movies
7. McGuire Energy Explorium
8. Visit the local farmers market
9. Bingo
10. Roast s’mores
11. Make homemade pizzas on the grill/in the stove
12. Set up a tree swing or hammock and read {or nap}
13. Have a family picnic
14. Make sidewalk chalk masterpieces
15. Let the kids play in backyard sprinkler or with the hose
16. Create a backyard obstacle course
17. Visit one of the beautiful NC lakes: Lake Norman, Lake Wylie, Mt Island Lake
18. Host an ice cream social and invite the neighbors
19. Volunteer to help elderly neighbors
20. Make homemade popsicles
21. Take a Summer Nature Scavenger Hunt (bring cameras!)
22. Attend vacation bible school/camps
23. Utilize local parks and church playgrounds
24. Utilize Spray grounds
25. AMF Lanes – Kids bowl free this summer.
26. Bank of America family days
27. Barnes & Noble events
28. Bass Pro Shops events, classes, workshops, sales and outdoor tips
29. Visit your neighborhood pool
30. Collect wild flowers! Press them in a book and use them to decorate art work or greeting cards
31. Have a playdate at the mall using fun indoor play areas for kids
32. Take pictures of nature and create a presentation (by and from your child’s perspective) on the computer (print if you own a photo printer)
33. Create a leaf rubbing and leaf collecting then look up the leaves and study the different types of trees
34. Take a family bicycle ride
35. Have a family game night or movie night OR BOTH
36. Start collecting rocks to learn about the different types of rocks
37. Go bug hunting — learn the difference between insects and other types of bugs
38. Act out your favorite book/story and perform it
39. Write a story — a fairy tell or a story highlighting a lesson about life
40. Crank up the music and have a dance party
41. Check out fun computer time/games Free kid friendly sites
42. Create a collage– using old magazine pictures
43. Have a pajama party
44. Tour the town visit the fire department, police department or a local bakery/grocery (make sure you call ahead)
45. Learn a new skill: how to jump rope, ride a bike, make it a fun challenge
46. Host an art show by hangoing up a clothes line in your back yard and display art from the summer
47. Finger paint using things you have around the house (pudding, chalk/water, etc)
48. Play dress up with dress up clothes or mom and dad’s clothes
49. Make tents/forts around the house with sheets and blankets
50. Host a summer olympics in your backyard using things you already have around the house for games
51. Play Disc/Frisbee golf at the local park courses
52. Mountain bike on the local park trails
53. Hike the mountain bike trails
54. Visit our local greenways
55. Skateboard, longboard, ripstick, roller blade anywhere
56. Lawn games competition with family or friends (Badmitton, ladder ball, horse shoes, corn hole, washer toss, bocce ball)
57. Organize a neighborhood kickball game
58. Watch the sunset as a family, take pictures
59. Bird watch, check a book out from the library and see how many birds you can find
60. Fish at a local park (if permitted legally)
61. Head to amusement and water parks
62. Form a band and have a jam session/concert with real or homemade instruments
63. Make instruments from household items
64. Start your own garden with the seeds from the produce you eat
65. Set-up a lemonade stand
66. Make paper airplanes and boats
67. Origami
68. Volunteer as a family at a shelter
69. Decorate your bikes & have a parade with your friends & neighbors
70. Tie-dye old shirts & socks
71. Attend a great Summer Camp
72. Make your own museum tour stopping at the exhibits you want to see most
73. Make a custom stepping stone for your yard
74. Have a fashion show, letting the kids wear your clothing
75. Partake in restaurant kids eat free and fun themed nights
76. Enjoy a staycation
77. Surf Pinterest for great craft ideas
78. Frozen yogurt!
79. Start a vegetable garden or herb garden
80. Sign up for swimming lessons
81. Make handprint and footprint art using all sorts of art materials
82. Take a short trip to local attractions like Dan Nicholas Park and Tweetsie
83. Make crafts from recycled boxes and bottles
84. Video tape your children singing songs and being silly, put together a trailer or movie and watch with the entire family
85. Make birthday cards for upcoming family/friend celebrations
86. Roll down a hill (or two)
87. Play hop scotch
88. Play hide-and-seek inside
89. Learn a new recipe and let the entire family help
90. Clean out your closets and kids closets and hit up the consignment sales
91. Start a bible study for kids
92. Participate in or start a book or toy swap with friends
93. Create a family record (ie the longest domino string, the biggest bubble)
94. Have your caricatures drawn or draw them yourselves
95. Visit the pet store and talk to your children about the animals
96. Have a yard sale and let the kids help
97. Spray paint hair with temporary color
98. Invite some friends to church
99. Take photos of each family member making silly faces and turn it into a collage
100. Make a summer bucket list of things you want to do before summer ends

What fun summer activities do you think we should add??



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