7 Types Of Moms: Which One Are You?

7 Most Common Mom Types

Are you the mom that’s adored by all other moms? Or are you the mom that prefers to keep a distance when it comes to social gatherings? There are different types of moms. Read below to identify which one are you.

What kind of mother you are isn’t always obvious, as opinion can be quite subjective. For example, you may appear to your own child to be the coolest, laid-back, free-range mom in the world, while your child’s best friend may believe you are overly strict.

It’s the little things that determine the type of mom you’ll become and the parenting style you’ll use. But, in reality, the only opinions that matter are those of your own family members, particularly your children, who are the ones most affected by your mothering style.

1. Soft mom

I definitely fall within this category. I fall into this category. You are the type of mom that will oversee many things. You will not scold your child unless something really bad happened. Why? Because your mommy heart is just too sensitive and you get emotional really quick. These types of moms usually cry tears over Titanic and The Love Note. This doesn’t make you a mom that allows your child to walk over you.

You are simply a mom that believes in peace at home and will do anything to keep things calm and happy. For example, if my daughter spills her bottle of tea all over the floor I will say no firmly, help her to clean up and move along to something else.

I have learned that toddlers refuse to understand what the word “no” means so no use in repeating and being angry. Peace is good, but remember that you are the adult and your children need to respect you.

2. Bragging mom

Everything you do is perfect. You will always try to outshine other moms. Not that I’m saying you like to brag, which you do like. These types of moms like to be the centre of attention. Everything is about you. Let’s say your children just finished a game of netball and you and the other parents get together afterwards for a quick chat. You will make sure to mention how wonderful your daughter played because you taught her every weekend.

Praising children is vitally important yes but don’t forget to see that other children also do well and they also deserve to be recognized.

3. Helpful mom

No doubt, you are the mom that will stand on a sunday morning selling cupcakes for school. Whenever the opportunity is there to help you will lend a hand because you love being helpful. These types of moms always offer to help. This is wonderful the world needs more people like you. You will also drop and pick up other people’s children from school and will make sure that they are safe at home.

Many helpful moms have even considered to give extra classes. Being helpful is great don’t ever change anything about it.

4. Strict mom

When your child gets home from school they eat and do homework. There will be little to no time to play or watch tv. Homework is important and needs to be done. Think of the movie Matilda, you are Miss Trunchbull. Other children must first get pass you before they can see your children. If they dare not to obey to your rules they will never see each other again ever.

Being strict and setting boundaries is very good for children but only to a certain extend. Remember to keep a healthy balance between work and play and to take breaks.

5. Reserved mom

You like to observe and keep a distance. Many of these types of moms has always been wonderful in listening and giving advice when it is needed. You also prefer being alone at home instead of mingle with other moms.

There is nothing wrong with that. Your child is always on time for school and his homework is always up to date as it should be. Well done to you mommy!

5. Overprotective mom

Sanitizer is your best friend. You pick uo your child from daycare with a pack of hand wipes by your side. There is no space for germs in your household. If you have older children you will also make phone calls every other hour to hear if everything is fine and stress about it. Sit back and relax mommy.

I am also very protective over my daughter and will always be. But germs are important as they form anti-bodies ti fight off colds and flus. If you have done the necessary things rest assured that everything will be perfectly fine.

6. Challenging mom

You like competing. It is in your blood. As a child you always fought to be number one. Challenges are good. I also like challenges. You are the type of mom that will have children that compete in sports or athletics. You like to outshine other moms.

Being challenging is great but remember that your children might not feel the same that you do. Remember to always take their feelings into consideration and to respect their decisions too.

7. Perfectionist mom

You are creative and everything is always in line. Pablo Picasso here I come. You like to be and look. You aswell as your children will always wear your bezt outfit and there will be nothing out of place. Dare they should think of wearing socks that don’t match. You take pride in helping your children with their homework because you are creative, Initiative and you write neatly.

It’s good to be a perfectionist just remember not to be too hard on your children aswell ad your self. Mistakes from time to time us completely healthy and many things can be learned from it.


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