Summer Make-up Tips & Picks: Top 40

So the season is finally upon us. (Okay, that might be dependent where you live).

But either way, the new hues are ready to bring our look from the chilly winter into the warmer weather.

Here are our top 40 choices for colors to wear for the upcoming months.

40. Neutrals for the Eyes: Go for barely there looks with different shades of browns, beiges and grey.

39. Shimmer it up: for a little more look, bring on the shimmer for the eyes. Light pinks and a bit of grey is what is hot right now.

38. Make it easy: With a three-in-one shadow, get the base, highlighted and cover completed. Go for a simple palette without too much drama.

37. Make it different: always going for the same colors? Add something a little different this season. Purples and greens are great choices if you haven’t used them before.

36. Pick out the pastels: pastel colors are the perfect choice for spring time.

35. Give it a pop: Choosing neutrals and pastel colors is great, but giving it a pop with a vibrant shade is all you need to bring it to the next level.

34. Keep it simple: choose one shade, one face part, one of anything… and bring it forward.

33. Coralize it: coral is a great new hue that looks great on just about any body… especially on their pucker.

32. Go for the gloss: gloss, in almost any shade, is an instant way to perk up the tired face.

31.But matte is good, too: a creamy matte lip shade looks professional and brings a little more seriousness into the situation.

30. Warm = pink: if you have warm undertones, look for a shade with pink undertones, as opposed to orange undertones.

29. Choose wisely: if you’re prone to dry or chapped lips, look for a lipstick with moisturizers built right in.

28. Forget the frost: regardless of what you choose, one thing is for certain: a frosty looks on the lips is not the look to go for.

27. Volumize those eyes: some eyelashes need length, but all need volume. Choose two in one, or at least a voluminous mascara to get the job done.

26. Make it motorous: want to make sure you get every lash? Check out the latest mascaras… with a motorized wand.

25. Go for falsies: if you don’t have the lashes, make them fake for the right occasions.

24. Get it itty-bitty: For those bottom lashes, there are small brushes designed specifically for them. Invest and make those lower lashes pop.

23. Flawless foundation: look for the lightweight formulas to make it look like you aren’t wearing anything at all, especially for that fresh springtime face.

22. Go barefaced.. Sort of: if you aren’t keen on layering a foundation for the warmer months, opt for a tinted moisturizer instead.

21. Or even barer: nothing says lovely like a fresh faced skin, with a little flaw, a little freckle, and a lot of sun-kissed goodness.

20. Choose a powder: use a loose powder to freshen up those pores and wake up your face.

19. Bring on the blush: highlight those cheek bones with a new look for spring, opting for a bit of blush to bring it all together. Soft pinks are the color of choice.

18.Make it last: love the look of color on the cheeks? Find Amazonian clay blush, with loads of pigment and vitamins, delivering the look you want.

17. Make it less: if clay blush is a little too much for your look, opt for a water-based blush stain for a flush that lasts all day.

16. Just the cheeks: a little moisturizer and a bit of lip stain is the perfect complement for pink-pinched cheeks.

15. Bring out the bronzer: instead of the pink, go for the brown. Bronzer delivers that luxe look with a bit of tan, too.

14. Natural foundation: nothing evens out your skin tone like a bit of a tan. If you spend time outside, get some vitamin D with a delivery from the sun… Just be sure to protect it with sunscreen first.

13. Oh, that orange: like coral, orange is hot for spring. Use it on those lips, with a fiery shade that is sure to turn heads.

12. Or on the eyes: if you aren’t keen on bright orange lips, bring it to the eyes instead, with a bright shadow perfect for dark browns.

11. Take on the tropical: many tropical shades are just as hot, with hues that resemble papaya, mango, and other island favorites.

10. Don’t forget the fingers: the bright new shades might be a little much, so if you want to keep it simple, bright the oranges and other tropical colors to your fingernails and toenails instead.

9. Balm it up: lip balms with a  hint of color are perfect for day-ware, or when you don’t want to overexaggerate but still look pretty hot… like at the gym.

8. Match your make-up: not to your clothes, but accessories should include the same colors of the season: pinks, oranges, and neutrals are great options.

7. Morning through night: long days in spring and summer allow us to bring our look into the evening, too. Change it up with a bit of gloss and another coat of mascara, and you’re good to go.

6. Light on the eyes: focus on bright shades of eyeshadow and mascara, with just a hint of liner to bring it all in.

5. Ditch the smoke: use bright colors in the evening, instead of smoky eyes, more suitable for winter months.

4. Groom the brows: don’t worry so much about filling them in; instead, get them professionally done. Well worth the $5 to $10. We recommend threading.

3. Trim the bangs: nothing cleans up your face more than a snip to too-long or unruly bangs.

2. Pick what pops: talk to a colorist or stylist to see what colors work best for you, then take these colors and choose accordingly.

1. Go au natural: if all else fails, wash your face, smile, and go!


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