Milkin’ Cookies : Lactation Cookies Review

While socializing at the All About Baby-Charlotte event this past September, I had the opportunity to meet the face behind these delicious and practical lactation cookies, Milkin’ Cookies. I had heard of these before, and I will admit I was apprehensive, but I was also very intrigued wondering how cookies could help produce more breast milk. I had the opportunity to try a generous portion of their cookies and both flavors (Cranberry Almond Oatmeal and Oatmeal Chocolate Chip.)

Not really sure how they would work, I e-mailed the company to ask for advice on getting started. I have been struggling with pumping a decent amount of breast milk, so I really wanted to try these cookies in hopes I could pump a little bit of milk for a bottle so I can leave my daughter here and there. Eating a cookie around 10am (because we all know your milk supply is normally bigger in the mornings) and then waiting a few hours and pumping was what was suggested.

My Experience with Milkin’ Cookies

It took me a few days to notice a difference in my milk supply. Like I said previously though, I’ve been struggling with pumping any milk at all, so the second I was able to get even a little, I was satisfied! I did just as was suggested and ate a cookie around 10am each day and after the first few days, I started eating one for a snack after lunch. I would pump around lunch time in between feedings and then pump either after dinner or right before bed depending on when my daughter last ate. I found if I ate a cookie, then did a feeding and pumped an hour or two later in between, I was able to get around one or two ounces from each side.

Unfortunately, we have recently found out my daughter has an allergy to milk and soy and these cookies are made with butter, so I have had to stop eating them. I was told however, they are working on a non-dairy cookie, so I will be sure to keep you updated! Both flavors are absolutely delicious and I can’t wait to try the non-dairy ones when completed!

Here are my top reasons nursing mother’s should give Milkin’ Cookies a try:

  1. They have been proven (even for me, when I was about to give up thinking they wouldn’t work) to increase your milk supply
  2. They are soooooo good!
  3. Milkin’ Cookies are a low caloric snack with each cookie having around 190 calories , 10 grams of fat, and 3 grams of fiber
  4. The cookies are contain all things proven to increase milk supply (oatmeal, nutritional yeast, flax seed, and wheat germ) and don’t contain any kind of medication
  5. Unlike most other forms of increasing milk supply, Milkin’ Cookies do not use Fenugreek which has been proven to increase breathing problems for people with asthma (which it did for me, badly when I tried the Mother’s Milk Tea with Fenugreek)

What mom doesn’t want a healthy, snack for on the go regardless if it helps increase milk supply or not? Even if these cookies don’t happen to work for you to increase your milk supply, they’re still a delicious, healthy snack for a new mom. If you’re breastfeeding however and are looking for a good and healthy way to help boost your milk supply, Milkin’ Cookies is the best shot for you… coming from a nursing mom myself who has struggled with pumping any milk.

Check out Milkin’ Cookies on Facebook to chat with other mom’s who have tried these cookies too! Leave me a comment and tell me your biggest struggle as a new, nursing mom.


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