Why People Love Visiting Lake Lure

Lake Lure Travel Guide

There are many affordable vacations tucked away throughout the United States, unknown to most people, despite that they feature several exploits and opportunity for family bonding. Lake Luke in the North Carolina mountains is one of the most significant of these landmarks. People come to Lake Lure to get the most that nature has to offer and to enjoy amenities that are not yielded by technological innovations or sophistications, but are simple and natural, such as swimming, water rafting, hiking, or just taking in the scenery as you watch the sun escape below the horizon. Many people who stay at Lake Luke choose to lodge in one of the cabins by the lakeside, in walking distance to their hiking trails.

Sliding Rock

Water theme parks spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop waterslides for people to enjoy. They craft their park for years, hoping that it will be suitable for the public. But one of the natural allures of Lake Lure is the Sliding Rock waterslide. This natural waterslide is supervised by lifeguards. Visitors have the opportunity to do something that they never thought they would, namely, sliding down a waterfall. Many visitors think that is much more captivating than going to a waterpark.

Moonshine Mountain Snow Tubing Park

Many people think the winter is the time of year that they must consign themselves to the indoors. If they step outside, they will be confronted with difficult conditions. But the people of Asheville think it is important to take advantage of the different seasons. Lake Luke offers the opportunity to enjoy the winter. That is why Moonshine Mountain is covered in people who are snow tubing down the hills during the winter months. This is a great way to teach your kids to learn to enjoy the outdoors.

Cedar Creek Stables

Listen to the leaves crackling under the horse’s hooves as you stroll through the 350 acre trail. If you have never ridden a horse before, or if there are children with you, Cedar Creek Stables even have ponies that might be easier for a beginner. This is a great option for those who want to explore the lake and see the beautiful trails throughout Lake Lure. It is an opportunity to inhale the nature and to really relax in a way that many people never have the opportunity to do. Many people never take a moment to overlook the horizon.

Geneva Riverside Tiki Bar & Grill

As a favorite bar and grill among the locals in Lake Lure, visiting will be a great opportunity for you to get to know some of the people who have spent their entire lives in this place. Sit by the pool and enjoy a meal. Come inside and have a few beers and share some laughs and some stories with the ladies and gentlemen of Lake Lure. This is where you will learn that Lake Lure is about friendship and laughter.


The winters are not as cold as it would be up further north. They are actually quite comfortable. The winter seasons also provide a lot of opportunity to enjoy nature by taking in scenery or skiing down a mountain. A snowy evening in North Carolina can be rather lovely.

How To Get There

Visitors to Lake Lure often choose to rent a car or a private car service. Alternatively, Uber is available throughout the region of Asheville. Also, perhaps you can choose to stay in a centrally located cabin and hike everywhere that you need to go.


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