5 Easy Home Made Facial Masks For Moms

You are probably wishing for a nice day full of pampering. Manicures, pedicures and a relaxing massage am I right? Below are a list of 5 easy home made face masks. They can be made from the ingredients in your kitchen and will give that tired mommy skin a nice glow!

Forget about spending money and time at your local spa. Follow these simple instructions to make the perfect homemade face mask. They’re just as effective at removing stress from a bad day at work as they are at removing unsightly parched patches, minimizing pores, and zapping blemishes.

1. Glowing Honey and Yogurt Mask

Oh, honey, you’re going to adore the radiance! This mask contains an indulgent blend of Manuka Honey and Yogurt, making it ideal for skin in need of a pick-me-up. This rich, honey-like texture clings to the skin, infusing hydration while adding a subtle sparkle to enhance your skin’s natural glow.

Honey has been used in facials for centuries and there are many reasons why. Honey is loaded with a lot of good benefits and are both healthy and delicious. It has anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties as well as antioxidants. Yoghurt provides moisture and is at the same time soothing. It also contains lactic acid which dissolves dead skin cells. Wow! So if you have a sunburn or inflamed skin you can put some yoghurt on it to relieve the discomfort. This face masks will hydrate, sooth and purify your skin.

2. Refreshing Cucumber & Mint Mask

Cucumbers are an excellent vegetable for using in DIY masks because they are extremely hydrating and replenish the skin. They contain a lot of silica, which is a mineral that helps connective tissue stay strong and resilient. Silica keeps the skin looking younger by slowing the aging process and repairing weak skin by retaining water. When the connective tissue in the skin becomes too weak, water cannot be retained and the skin ages much faster. Cucumbers can also help with sun damage and acne-prone skin.

Mint extract or leaves can help with blackheads and acne. It also hydrates and tones the skin, leaving it clear and refreshed.

If you are looking for a face mask that will lift your mood as well as your skin look no further. Cucumber contains 96% water, silica, vitamin c and caffeic acid.  These properties will hydrate and reduce inflamed and irritated skin. You can also place cool slices of cucumber on your eyes to reduce puffiness. Good-bye tired mommy eyes! Mint smells nice, tastes good and has a cooling effect. It is also used to lighten acne scars.

3.  Brightening Oats & Milk Mask

While oatmeal is well-known for its nutritional value when consumed, it also benefits your skin when applied as a facial mask. Oatmeal contains a plethora of beneficial nutrients that work gently on your skin to restore its youthful radiance.

Milk has long been used as a beauty ingredient due to its skin-soothing properties. It cools the skin, lightens the skin tone, and exfoliates gently. It soothes sunburned and inflamed skin when combined with oatmeal to make a face mask.

Oats are used in many skincare products and there are a reason why. Oats contain saponins, a natural skin cleanser. It has anti-inflammatory properties and removes dead skin cells. Oats also dissolves excess oil making it wonderful for oily skin. Milk contains vitamin A which moisturize dry skin. It also lightens skin tone. This mask will leave your skin feeling cleansed and pure.

4. Hydrating Banana, Honey & Lemon Mask

Banana aids in the control of excess oil and sebum. Lemon juice is an excellent astringent, and honey aids in the restoration of moisture.

Who would’ve guessed that you can put banana on your skin? Well you can, and here’s why. Bananas are rich in potassium and moisture making it perfect for dry or dehydrated skin. It also contains vitamin b that protects the skin from free-radicals. Lemon, an all time favorite are used to get rid of excess oil and treat acne, blackheads and scars.

5. Moisturizing Avocado & Cocoa Mask

Avocado is a wonder fruit stacked with plenty of nutrition. When it comes to your skin an avocado’s natural oils hydrates and sooths. Vitamins A and E found in avocados will reward your skin with anti-aging benefits. Cocoa powder contains flavonoids which will help with dull skin and leave a brighter and healthier complexion.

Face masks are really beneficial for your skin and will leave remarkable results. It is recommended to have one at least once a month. Luckily all of the above face masks are made wit natural ingredients and they will be in your kitchen mommy. Treat yourself with a nice face mask and relax a bit.


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