10 Tips To Get Beach Ready This Summer

Summer is here and  we’re all getting prepped up to soak up the sun. What better place to enjoy the sunshine than the beach? Along with what you need to carry in your beach bag, it’s time to get yourself skin-ready to wear that gorgeous strappy bikini you just bought on Memorial Day weekend.

Girls, here are 5 ways to get your skin all toned up and beautiful for the sun, sand and the waves:

Slough off dry skin

Use a gentle body scrub in a luke warm shower or bath. It’s tempting go for really gritty exfoliators but the truth is, they tear your skin. Try an all natural product like Lush. They make vegan products that work like a charm. The Ocean Salt Scrub is for face and body.

TIP: Lukewarm water isn’t as fun as a hot shower or bath, we know. BUT using lukewarm water will help your skin retain moisture. Here’s what I have found works. First, start at a temp that feels good to you. Then every 30 seconds turn the dial a notch cooler. Do this until the water temp is uncomfortable then turn in back one. Keep the temp here. If you do this everyday, you’ll start to get used to lukewarm water. Promise. 🙂

Tackle the cellulite

Cellulite has been the woe of many women, including me. I have it figured that the dimpled skin can’t be wished away. But with a fair amount of exercise and regular exfoliation you can significantly reduce the orange peeled appearance. Granulated coffee and granulated sugar should be mixed with some olive oil and used regularly as a scrub to be cellulite free! You can also choose to use a mineral salt scrub or a grapefruit scrub to work off your cellulite. But make sure that you complement your efforts with some exercise. A little bit of cardio, some abs crunches, squats and light weights will make you body beautiful.

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!!

Towel your skin dry and apply a heavy duty moisturizer or body oil. They say that when you leave a bit of water on your skin while you apply moisturizer that it helps keep you extra soft. (Something about how when water evaporates off your skin it tends to dry you out. Supposedly when you leave that bit of water on your skin and apply moisturizer you’re tricking the evaporation system or something like that.)

Faux glow, fo sho

Seriously no tanning beds people! You are not a potato, do not bake yourself. We love you and we don’t want you to be dry, saggy, discolored, or put yourself at risk of getting skin cancer, ok?

Block The Sun!

Your skin and nails are looking amazing. You’re soft, silky, and sensational. Of course you’ll want to lounge around the ocean or pool and show off your new suit without going lobster. Nothing about lobster bod is chic. Here’s how:

Make sure you use and keep re-applying heavy sunblock! Especially post swim. You can find LaRoche in your local drugstore but if you’re looking for a deal, I recommend buying online. This product is light, non greasy, and highly effective.

You can also be super glam in a floppy hat!

Or keep it cool and casual with a cap.

Caftans and cover-ups add a lightweight layer of protection and a pretty way to keep from being indecent in public. hehe. Find your signature style for complimenting your suit swagger. Crochet? Colorful? White?

Eating right

If you want to allow yourself indulgence during your vacation then start eating right at least a month before. Reduce the junk intake and drink plenty of water to make sure that your skin becomes healthy, luminous and zit free from inside out.

Choose Your Colors

I don’t know about you but as much I love painting my nails it’s not what I love to do on vacation. Bring a bottle for touch-ups but get yourself mani-pedi-ed before you hit the road. Here are some hot colors and nail kits (keep in mind, if you’re carrying on, you probably won’t get a nail kit through security). Essie makes great colors! We are also huge fans of all of the American Apparel Neons paints. If you’re normally a neutral girl, now’s your time to be a little bolder.

Get that facial

When you have time in hand, go for a deep cleansing mineral facial at least twice before you hit the beach. These facials will clear your skin of all impurities and will give you a flawless glow. Between two facials keep a gap of fifteen days to get maximum benefits.

Don’t neglect the dark zones

Take care of the oft neglected areas of your body; smoothen your rough elbows with the help of an alpha hydroxy lotion. Use this along with a thick cream which contains wax or paraffin. The AHA lotion will help in rejuvenating your skin while the paraffin cream will make your elbows baby soft. Take a look at your footsies too- buff away the cracks on your heels, apply a wax based cream every night to get smooth soles that are sandal-fit.

Handle your feet with care too!

While in the shower or bath concentrate your exfoliator on your hands and feet. Then be sure to take a pumice stone to your calluses and a razor or wax to unwanted toe hair.

Hair and after

It’s time to remove all that unwanted hair. Your best option would be to opt for a full body wax. One waxing session gives you complete hair freedom for four to six weeks. Remember to depilate 2 or 3 days before enjoying the waves. This will give your skin time to settle down from any waxing rash that might appear. Shaving comes in a close second but it can be a nuisance when using the razor every other day to get smooth arms and legs.

Wow! You are now all ready to flaunt healthy, glowing skin while soaking up the sun and playing around in the sand n’ waves. Don’t forget to take that broad spectrum SPF sunscreen as you leave.

Write in to tell us on how you get beach ready.


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