Symmetry, Geometry, and Patterns for Preschoolers

Early Childhood Math and Art Lesson Plan

Create a fun butterfly themed art project that includes a basic math lesson for preschoolers.

Symmetry, geometry, and patterns are basic math concepts that young children can readily learn. This early childhood lesson plan engages preschoolers in early math learning as well as the creative arts process. Try this during center time or as a special art activity.

Preschool Math and Art Lesson Objectives

  • Understand the math concepts of symmetry, geometry, patterns, and fractions.
  • Expand vocabulary (both art and math).
  • Explore art processes and materials.
  • Follow steps in a sequence.
  • Explore the natural world.

Grade/ Age Level

This activity can be used with children ages four and up.

Materials Needed to Create Butterfly Art

  • Construction paper
  • Tempera or finger paints
  • Markers
  • Scissors
  • Yarn
  • Glue

Steps to Create Math Art


Prior to beginning this math and art activity, discuss the basic mathematical concepts of symmetry, fractions, geometry (shapes), and pattern. Start by saying a math word such as symmetry. Next, ask the children to repeat it several times. After describing this new vocabulary word, show pictures that illustrate the concept. Repeat for the other words.

The theme for this art project is not only math but is also butterflies. Try reading a non-fiction (age-appropriate) book about butterflies that contains many different pictures or photographs. Invite the children to discuss how the butterfly wings look (including the symmetry of the pattern).


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