Planning a Preschool Valentine’s Day Party

Holiday Celebrations for Daycare and Early Childhood Centers

Planning Valentine’s Day party for the daycare or preschool classroom can be simple! This article provides how-to ideas and steps for creating a great holiday for kids.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a fun-filled holiday-themed party. This classroom event will provide entertainment for children and their families.

Valentine’s Day School Party Planning

Begin party planning early in January to ensure that all the necessary steps have been taken. Start with the date selection. If this holiday does not fall on a school day, select a date that is close by. For example, in 2010 February 14th is on a Sunday. Try choosing either the Friday before or the Monday following Valentine’s Day for the party.

After the date has been selected, choose a specific party time. This may be dictated by classroom hours or school policy. Try to avoid regular nap or lunchtimes, as well as times that fall close to pick up or drop off. Check with the center director or school administration to find out if there already has been a party time set aside for classrooms.

Once the date and time have been approved, begin a list of all party needs. This may include:

  • Writing a parent information letter.
  • Decorations
  • Crafts for the children
  • Food and beverages
  • Party games
  • Room set up and clean up
  • Valentine’s Day boxes and card policies (making boxes in class, labeling cards, and other associated issues).

Party Invitations and Parent Letters

The parents and families of the children will need to be notified about the celebration prior to the party date. This can be done in two ways. The first is to create a party invitation.


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